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 A new front has opened up on the Donation Wars!
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 13th, 2008
Thank you to forum member RebelPilotX. He has contributed to Kuro-RPG! Yay! I think I also fixed some odds and ends on the Donation page, thus cleaning it up. Some of the Top Ten information was shuffled around.

I got an email from a Lee Woods pointing to a couple of broken links. The Standard Movie Era Sleeves and the TNG Alpha Test have been fixed now. Thank you.

 Fan the flames of the Donation Wars!
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 7th, 2008
Thank you to forum members Spooky, Lady Trekie and Sugar Spice for your contributions toward Kuro-RPG. They certainly help go a long way to helping to pay off the site.

I received two comments about link issues. The first were the tests I did on the DS9 Alpha Channel sets. I checked them both out but they seem to working fine. I had no problems with getting the sets. The other issue was in the Retro section, the Alternate Style. The .zip file was named incorrectly so I fixed that up and the link should be working fine.

And on another note, I now have over 100,000 hits to the site. Yay. ^^ ... Well, 100,000 hits to the Updates page. I have no idea if any of the other pages have been going through their own special hits or not.

 BSG Addition more than "On the way"
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 15th, 2008
Okay. I said I would do a BSG revision and it is now on the site. I have included a Duty and Dress uniform version of the series. Just look for Revision #2 (The one with the nicer looking BSG bird beside it) and click the linky so see new graphics.

I found a bug in the "Metroid" section. I did not realize the third animated rankset link was going to the second page. That has been fixed.

 BSG Addition with more on the way.
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 9th, 2008
Thanks to Apollo/Kosta, a note about the BSG ranks. A "Lt. Colonel" rank has been added to the system. Since I could not find evidence to suggest whether it goes with line officer ranks or flag ranks, I stuck it with line officer ranks because of the pip design. I also know there are some design issues with all my officer ranks and it was also suggested I do up a Dress Uniform set. I will need to research this further.
 Heyallo has re-opened the Donation Wars.
Posted by "THE" Kuro-chan. Accept no substitute. - November 3rd, 2008
From back in the old days when the Donation Wars was a lively event, Heyallo has attempted to start up the donation wars again with his own contribution to Kuro-chan and the website as a whole. Thank you!
 All the Kuro needs is chocolate cheesecake, a soft pillow and lots of red yarn...
Posted by Kuro Kuro Mekuro! - October 7th, 2008
Forum member Eliana Tamerin found an error with the TNG Alpha Test. The correct zip destination has been placed on the site.
 How did I possibly miss another error in the DS9 set AGAIN?!
Posted by Kuro no Seppuku janai ka... >_>? - September 22nd, 2008
The DS9 Alpha Channel set had an error with the blank images, DESPITE a revision... Two of the Yellow blank images were totally incorrect. That has now been fixed. Thank you, Commander Kitahashi, for noticing this error... AGAIN!
 One tiny error to correct... Also known as a "Boo-boo"
Posted by Kuro Desho Desho... - September 19th, 2008
The DS9 Alpha Channel set had an error with the blank images. They did not have alpha channels attached to them. That has now been fixed. Thank you, Commander Kitahashi, for noticing this error.
 It's the invasion of the British!!!
Posted by Kuro Kuro Bokuro... ^^; - September 16th, 2008
Fedhog's little fun-loving fuzzy wuzzy section... isn't little, to say the least. Check it out for more details.
 Here and there, but little of anywhere it seems sometimes.
Posted by The Kurolicious chosen... Huh?! - September 15th, 2008
A Guest set added to Fedhog's section, a Kuro set added to the Kuro section, updates in links, info., and other areas. Don't forget to check out the forums for some relatively fun things to looks at, especially in the graphics stuff!
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