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 Ah, the joys of being a weirdo... yay.
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 28th, 2008
It's amazing how long a dead link can stay on the website for before someone notifies me of a boo-boo I made. In the Retro Ranks section, there is a dead link to one of the DS9 sets. That has now been repaired. Thank you, Josh, for catching that for me.
 Me = Still Alive? I like to think so...
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 22nd, 2008
- There is an extended Alpha Channel version of the Future Imperfect series, complete with 10 different department colors... Why anyone needs 10 different department colors, who knows.
- ShiFt has a new set up in the Guest Ranks section... Well, not exactly "new", but very complete.

I think I may have lost some emails. If you had emailed me in the last while and have not received a reply, feel free to try again. Thanks.

Update: I also received the following comment as a result of posting the new Future Imperfect ranks.


Thank you for putting up the Future Imperfect Complete Set. As a fan of your work and a Star Trek fan I find your site indispensible for all my Star Trek comm badges needs I have nothing but respect for your artistic skill. Keep up the good work. One of your fans,

Arron Branston AKA Arron Terial

 Happy "Middle of the Month" Day.
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 15th, 2008
- Special thanks to Micheal Garcia for chipping in another donation.
- Hadouken_Dude's latest flash contributions can be found on his page. Two new entries: Sprite TV 2 and Four Swords Misadventures #5
- Shadow Warrior Luke's comic has seen another update. Page #28 is up and on the site.
- A new rankset has been made but there is no page for it yet as currently there is no generic set. There has been a lot of effort, thought and consideration put into this one, despite the few number of images there are. It has been one of my more difficult sets to complete. The demo for the rankset can be found here

As for me, I have not been dilligent in answering emails lately. I will try to catch up with them when I can. For now, please enjoy what is currently available on the site.

 Not as around as I would prefer, but...
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 18th, 2008
There has not been a lot of opportunity to do much besides the little bits of fanmail, a comic page and banner updates that I posted. Work has been more taxing on me than usual and with an anime show to work almost every weekend the last couple months, it has been difficult to get anything done. However, I will see what kind of time I have for this work in the future. Do not give up hope... please.
 Err... What happened?
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 25th, 2008
Today was kind of weird. I found 6 emails in my account about the site and stuff and I also found myself more able to pay for my webhost costs, thanks to a very kind and considerate donation from Captain Solei of 8th Fleet. Way to make me feel more confident about my site. Now I feel inclined to put more work into the site given I was shown how much people can care about my work. ^__^
 Ha! I DO update once in a while!
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 24th, 2008
There were some issues with the LoGH page I did up yesterday, namely in the link to the zip collection and the lack of a zip collection on the site. Those have been fixed and are now posted. Thanks for Michael Garcia for directing me toward this problem.
 Ha! I DO update once in a while!
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 23rd, 2008
For something "Non-Trek" (Insert tiny yay) I put up the first half of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes "Galactic Empire" set. This features 38 ranks, one canon-style and one non-canon-style set. Might be worth a peak if you are looking for a set which has absolutely nothing to do with old, new or beyond modern-day Trek. You can find them under the "Anime Ranks" section, about halfway down the list.

Bravo Fleet links got an overhaul, and I even managed to throw in an extra one today.

 Attention All Super Kuro Shoppers: Express Checkout #6 is now avaliable!
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 18th, 2008
Changes here, changes there. Thank you to Captain Solei of 8th Fleet for the direct quote above, the theme for the super-long quote mentioned on top and for baby-sitting me today and making sure I did not get into trouble (Another way of saying thanks for keeping me company while I went through the challenge that is this site).

The "Retro Ranks" section has been added to the site. Though it has a ways to go before complete, I posted it on there to show just how bad some of my old Pre-Kuro-RPG ranks were... (I am talking 2004 when these were made).

Found a couple bugs in the Donation page and one of the rank pages today. Those have been spayed-- er um... fixed.

Shadow Warrior Luke has a new page for his running comic series. Video game lover may want to take note of this. They can found in his Guest Flash section.

With the addition of the Retro section, that brings up my total number of ranks on the site to 30,790.

 One more update today
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 17th, 2008
I have added a "TOS Alternate Style" edition. 390 ranks in size and utilizes Alpha Channels for it to work with any background color, I am rather quite happy with how they turned out. They can found at the very bottom of the Trek Ranks main page.

With the TOS Alternate Style added to the site, that brings the number of rank images added to the site today up another 1595.

 Survived another "Festive" day... Hoorah!
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 17th, 2008
There have been some updates, so I suggest attention to them is a good thing.

The DS9 Alpha Channel set got an update. It has gone from about 50 images to 175. I included one more color, the enlisted, warrant and cadet ranks so the gold naval ranks for 5 dept. color should be complete.

A Special Ops. set was made for "James" and has been posted on the site for all to view / be jealous of / appreciate / etc. It's close to 1100 images in size, so it is a reasonably large download (In Kuro-RPG terms).

Additional fanmail has been included. Otherwise, see ya until the next update!

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