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 The campaign the curb Bandwidth Theft has begun!
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 21st, 2007
There are some changes coming to Kuro-RPG. Over the last six months, the amount of bandwidth theft which regularly occurs here has at least tripled. The stop this, I am making changes to how the ranksets can be obtained. All ranksets (over the coming months) will only be available as zip files.

Special Edition Voyager Rankset is now up and available as a zip file.

Special Edition DS9 and MACO have been taken off the site as individual images. They are now available as complete zip files.

 Vacation is more or less over and I am back, but is that good or bad...?
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 8th, 2007
Special Edition MACO rankset is up on the site and available to view.

New donation, courtesy of Michael Alpert of USS Relentless His generous donation bumped him into second place in the Top Ten Donators, which also happened to fill up the entire chart. Any future donations, and I will have to start knocking donators off the Top Ten list.

 Clothes... clothes... clothes... Oooh, a coupon!
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 28th, 2006
Hadouken Dude's latest flash film is now up on the site, "

"Legend of Zelda: My Immortal"

Trust me, you definitely definitely definitely want to watch this one. Hadouken took a very different approach with this movie, and created something which is not intended to be a comedy. Hadouken wanted to create something touching, provoking and very emotional and he did it with such success. This is serious! This is touching! This is a "Must-Watch!"

 If Hallowe'en is like Christmas for the crazy demon-loving people (And yes, I know some, so this is in no way some discriminate insult...)because of all the free candy they can hoard, what does that make Christmas for them?
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 24th, 2006
Rank page got split up. There is now a regular rank page for my work and a Guest Rank page for various guest work. All guest work is subject to my own personal review. No one but me decides if it goes on the site. Posting it on the forums, or IMing me about it does not guarantee it will go on the site. ... Okie, enough ranting for now...

Line Template got a minor fix.

Okay, this piece of information is for IE users. Since IE works badly for me (at best), I had been working on the site to look it's absolute best on Firefox. Unfortunately, I was unaware there were a few problems for IE users in terms of my layout. Thanks to some assistance, I managed to clear up those issues (border color and scrollbar problems, mainly). Everything should be looking fine, regardless if you use IE or Firefox.

 It's interesting that by typing "k" instead of "ok" during an IM, you can double your
efficiency in replying to someone.

Posted by Kuro-chan - December 18th, 2006
Battlestar Galactica page has been revised to include a couple more collars, and fixes to the rank descriptions. Thanks to Kevin for bringing up this problem.
 First there was like, 1 thing. Then it became 2 things, followed by 3, 4, 5, ...
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 13th, 2006
Enterprise Mirror Universe ranks were slightly updated and fixed. I noticed some problems with the basic designs, and made a couple appropriate changes.

Kuro-RPG forums are now using a new custom rankset.

 It's really a kid's toy... I just like to keep it a secret.
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 10th, 2006
Changed a couple links, and played with the front page a little more. I wanted to see how it would look. Special thanks to forum member Invalid for the idea.

The first phase of the "Special Edition" set is now up on the site: DS9. 10 complete department colors are now ready and available for download.

 Same content, different outfit... But I swear, I had no idea it was going to be semi-transparent! Honest!
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 26th, 2006
Links page has been split up into smaller sections, including: Premium, Guest, Forum, SIMM, Misc., Bravo Fleet and Alpha Fleet. Some new links have been added while some dead links have been removed.
 Short and sweet, but I did bake cookies!
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 23th, 2006
Dress Style #3 is finished and up on the website now. Feel free to look it up under the Ranks page.

On another note, I noticed that the main page now has over 40,000 hits. Congratulations to the many people who checked out my main page instead of just skipping to the Ranks page.

 "The Infamous 17-Day-Later Update"... I just wish I knew what was so infamous about it!
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 19th, 2006
Some time later and some work done on the site, including the following stuff:

- Alternate Style Rankset, circa 2485 is now up on the site. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the Alternate Style ranksets. Stefan put in a request for this set and asked it be posted on the site.
- Sailor Moon ranksets are now available on the website. I can now safe with considerable certainty that Kuro-RPG is not an "Sci-fi" only website, as we have something that has absolutely nothing to do with military or sci-fi ranks! I am rather quite proud of how they turned out as this project was a TON of work. Research was brutal, never mind trying to create a special image for every single rank made. I have not had such a difficult project to work on in such a long time, but the first half of the results are online and available for download. The second half (The 120x size) should be available sometime down the road.
- Four more donations to Kuro-RPG, coming from loyal members (In chronological order): Fedhog, Stephen Clark, Emily Hamilton, and Artemis Xavier Farr. I think we are getting closer to our forum upgrade!
- Contact information for Kuro-chan has been updated. Please see the Information Page for details.
- Information Page has been re-worked to account for the critical team members that help make Kuro-RPG a success. New entries include Mike Mendez and Fedhog.

I would also like to take a chance to briefly promote forum member Kevin's project on Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki, a fanon project. Check out the rank project especially, for he has worked like hell to make this work. It stunned the hell out of me when I realized I truly have no life as I have made so many rank images... O.o ...

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