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Posted by Kuro-chan - July 30th, 2006
It has been two weeks since the last update... That must mean I am actually updating...? Gah! What am I doing?! What am I doing?! I am upd-- ... oh wait... I am SUPPOSED to be updating... Okie okie, self-panic attack is over. I can get back to actually discussing WHAT kind of update this is:

- Movie Era ranks got a considerable boost with over 1,000 new ranks. There is now a second section called the "Movie Era Sleeves" which focuses on other part of the Movie Era uniform. I know there are still a few things missing, like some of the enlisted sleeves and the service pips, but that will be taken care of soon enough.
- DS9 Era, Duty Style #2, Dress Style #1 and #2, Alternate Style #1 and the Line Template all received a special service today. As of today, they all have Ambassador ranks. Unlike the Future Era and Alternate Style 2 sets, however, these are single-rank sections, and should be handled accordingly. I do not plan to expand these ranks as it was hard enough to get the Ambassador pip to look good.
- The update page now includes a random selection of banners linking to some premium and established sites showing the best in artists and trek-lovers combined.
- TNG rankset has been updated to properly work on the site and has been expanded to include the full run of enlisted, warrant and provisional ranks. I still only plan to have 3 department colors, however. The ranksets which still need a run-through are ENT, TOS, TMP, and Future Era.

And just to scare me that little bit more... I did another rank count. There are currently 17,199 available ranks on the site.

 Under Construction, but getting closer to done!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 16th, 2006
Four Donations Today! You guys must love me! Our Wonderful donators today are (In order of when I received them)

- Heidi Hutchinson
- Tom Farr
- Shawn Terry
- Lee Skevington

You guys are wonderful! Many thanks to you, and of course our donators of the past who have helped in keeping this established website healthy.

Special Guest work has been put up on the site. Look under Kevin's Custom Rankset for insight on what creation he designed and I assembled.

Movie Era Rankset has been updated and include 2 more non-canon color schemes. Feel free to browse through them.

 Under Construction, but getting closer to done!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 16th, 2006
Hmm... So someone actually had the underdeveloped nuts to hack into the forums again and delete my own account. Fortunately, I fixed the problem in 20 minutes, but it still leaves me wondering just who would waste such time on such a pointless endeavour. Dumb children these days...

The Alternate Style page had some problems for a while. Those have been fixed. If there are any missing rank images, feel free to let me know.

Hadouken_dude's latest flash is now online and available on the site. Sorry it is late though, due to my internet problems...

 I'm ... Still... Under Construction... Sorry!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 13th, 2006
Okay, you children with the extremely undersized dicks need to realize there are more worthwhile things to do in life than hack a forum. First off, this does not affect me in the slightest. This forum has been down before and it may even go down again, and it is completely irrelevant. We'll come back strong and anew again, with lots of posting to do.

One piece of good news. I should have a solid connection back in the next week or so, thus I can get back to updating the site again! ( ^ - ^ )

Thanks for your patience, people. Let's get hurrying along to making this the best rank site around.

 I'm ... Still... Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 3rd, 2006
Chaos and mayhem ensued for such a considerable amount of time... it leaves me to wonder just what the heck really happened.

First off, there was the hard drive failure, where I was unable to write anything to the hard drive which had all the Kuro-RPG content on it. Granted, the smaller hard drive was doing fine, but it was full because it had my operating system and a few other necessities. With some assistance from two brave donators, I was able to afford a replacement and I finished the data transfer a couple days ago, leaving me with the opportunity to start working on the site again. As promised to those who helped, however, I am updating the Donation/Donators page first, giving both Lee Skevington and Tom Farr credit for helping me out. Many thanks to you guys!

The problems did not end there, however. I am having considerable trouble connecting to the net... the DSL connection and service was fine for a couple years, but about a month ago, I started randomly losing my connection up to the point where the only time I can get online is around 2-7am... Does someone want to explain to me why I should pay full price for a ridiculous window of service?! I have already been in touch with the provider and I was told that someone would be looking into the lines. That was 10 days ago. I need to get a hold of them again...

Sometime down the road, once my net connection is running at full strength, I plan to do a couple changes to the email service at Kuro-RPG. I plan to create one general account which the entire forum team can access. Essentially, for any form of requests, questions, etc., anyone on my admin team will be able to access the email and speak on behalf of Kuro-RPG. In the meanwhile, if you still plan to email me at, there is an attached code you need to enter or else the email will be deleted. The code is 12345. Enter that, leave a space then enter in your email title.

The chaos is not over, but I am making progress.

Posted by Kuro-chan - May 17th, 2006
The pages which don't have updates in the "Ranks" section have been linked back to the old pages, so you should still be able to access them (For some reason it likes to open up the new pages in the exisiting frames browser, so click back to it to see the ranks).
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 25th, 2006
He's famous... He's big... He doesn't have a working website at the moment... He's talented... He's very popular at Newgrounds and other flash portals and now he has a reserved guest spot at Kuro-RPG. He's:

The "Guest Flash" button now works and will re-direct you to the page with all his well-established work. Feel free to browse through and enjoy the shows!

Posted by Kuro-chan - April 12, 2006
Just so that it does not look like I didn't pay the bill for the website, I will try to post on here. To summarize, something unusual has been going on today, as the domain keeps shutting down then re-appearing again. It seems to be totally random and has nothing to do with me. With any luck, this will be resolved sometime today.

There is only one tiny update in the MACO ranks, whereas an additional rank has been added. As for other projects, they are still underway.

The forum has been subject to a few more changes, however. For regular users, they would have noticed we suddenly lost our hotlinking to several images the original forum specialist provided for us. So, I took a page out of my artistic license, and created several new "Buttons" to replace the missing images.

Posted by Kuro-chan - April 3rd, 2006
Big changes on the Information Page, so feel free to check that out at your first opportunity. Also, I plan to do a writeup about Kuro-RPG, since the domain name will be re-registered next week and I want to look back at what has happened over the last year, the good and bad. Stay tuned.

One other thing: New avatar.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 27th, 2006
Mmm... Coding. Kinda tastes like chicken in an odd sort of way. This update is a result of work scattered over the last couple weeks. I spent more time catching up on custom projects rather than working on the site itself.

- Large Klingon pips are now up, thanks to K'Hare's (Bravo Fleet) approval.
- Alternate Style Mirror Universe Template is now up. Thanks to PFC Chris (Trek to the Troops) approval.
- Starship rank template has a few new images. Feel free to explore.
- Touched up the Links pages again. Added a couple here and there.

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