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Posted by Kuro-chan - May 17th, 2006
The pages which don't have updates in the "Ranks" section have been linked back to the old pages, so you should still be able to access them (For some reason it likes to open up the new pages in the exisiting frames browser, so click back to it to see the ranks).
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 25th, 2006
He's famous... He's big... He doesn't have a working website at the moment... He's talented... He's very popular at Newgrounds and other flash portals and now he has a reserved guest spot at Kuro-RPG. He's:

The "Guest Flash" button now works and will re-direct you to the page with all his well-established work. Feel free to browse through and enjoy the shows!

Posted by Kuro-chan - April 12, 2006
Just so that it does not look like I didn't pay the bill for the website, I will try to post on here. To summarize, something unusual has been going on today, as the domain keeps shutting down then re-appearing again. It seems to be totally random and has nothing to do with me. With any luck, this will be resolved sometime today.

There is only one tiny update in the MACO ranks, whereas an additional rank has been added. As for other projects, they are still underway.

The forum has been subject to a few more changes, however. For regular users, they would have noticed we suddenly lost our hotlinking to several images the original forum specialist provided for us. So, I took a page out of my artistic license, and created several new "Buttons" to replace the missing images.

Posted by Kuro-chan - April 3rd, 2006
Big changes on the Information Page, so feel free to check that out at your first opportunity. Also, I plan to do a writeup about Kuro-RPG, since the domain name will be re-registered next week and I want to look back at what has happened over the last year, the good and bad. Stay tuned.

One other thing: New avatar.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 27th, 2006
Mmm... Coding. Kinda tastes like chicken in an odd sort of way. This update is a result of work scattered over the last couple weeks. I spent more time catching up on custom projects rather than working on the site itself.

- Large Klingon pips are now up, thanks to K'Hare's (Bravo Fleet) approval.
- Alternate Style Mirror Universe Template is now up. Thanks to PFC Chris (Trek to the Troops) approval.
- Starship rank template has a few new images. Feel free to explore.
- Touched up the Links pages again. Added a couple here and there.

 I'm Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 19th, 2006
Unfortunately, I have been sick the last couple days, so I have not been as dedicated with the site restoration as I wanted to be. Nonetheless, the Guest work and Earthforce sets are back online, as well as the Misc. pages.

I was asked a question by resident member Kevin on if the ranks are gone from the site. The answer is no. All the ranks and pages are still on the site, but the pages need to be re-organized and reconnected to the new links... etc., etc.

 I'm Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 15th, 2006
I have 5 ranksets restored: DS9 Duty #1 & #2, Dress #1 & #2, and Alternate Style #1. These sets (to the best of my knowledge) should be complete, however if an error is found, please don't hesitate to report it.

I was hoping to get more sets ready, but that is what the next day is for. (Headache, distractions, etc.) I did get a total rank count, however... The current number for ones on the site is 15,601...

 I'm Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 14th, 2006
After discovering a possible reason for why my pages would not work in a frame setting, I am going to give that another try. In addition, I'll be updating several aspects of the site, filling in some incomplete ranksets, making new graphics, etc. Phase 1 was already completed on the forum with a few new graphics. Now, onto Phase 2... The evil site itself!

In the meantime, don't be surprised if pretty much everything on the site is broken, including all the ranksets, the new guest flash films, etc. Give me the weekend to get as much done up as possible.

One piece of good news. Dress Style #1 and #2 are finished. They have yet to be placed on the site, however, and the current pages for viewing them need to be updated.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 11th, 2006
Eight and a half hours and several missed messages later (From people who bug and bug and bug and bug)... and the result: 2040 new ranks today! ... However, given the large number of images that were uploaded, combined with a few errors from the .ftp program I was using, an image here and there may have not been added on. For forum regulars, if you find the evil "X of Doom", let me know so I can double-check the appropriate sections.

- DS9 Duty #1 got the final color added on: Tan.
- DS9 Duty #2 has been added to the site today, adding an alternate to the "streak" effect in style #1

And to quote the person who insisted I put this up, because he was the reason why over 2,000 images went on the site:

"Do not ever let request anything from you, for you'll end up doing thousands of images... so..."

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 7th, 2006
A messed day... Not only did I miss some stuff on the site, I even forgot to update the "Update" page... MY BAD! ... Please don't hurt me...

- Links page got cleaned up, removing as many bad links as I possibly could. In addition, a few new links have been added.

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