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 I'm Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 15th, 2006
I have 5 ranksets restored: DS9 Duty #1 & #2, Dress #1 & #2, and Alternate Style #1. These sets (to the best of my knowledge) should be complete, however if an error is found, please don't hesitate to report it.

I was hoping to get more sets ready, but that is what the next day is for. (Headache, distractions, etc.) I did get a total rank count, however... The current number for ones on the site is 15,601...

 I'm Under Construction!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 14th, 2006
After discovering a possible reason for why my pages would not work in a frame setting, I am going to give that another try. In addition, I'll be updating several aspects of the site, filling in some incomplete ranksets, making new graphics, etc. Phase 1 was already completed on the forum with a few new graphics. Now, onto Phase 2... The evil site itself!

In the meantime, don't be surprised if pretty much everything on the site is broken, including all the ranksets, the new guest flash films, etc. Give me the weekend to get as much done up as possible.

One piece of good news. Dress Style #1 and #2 are finished. They have yet to be placed on the site, however, and the current pages for viewing them need to be updated.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 11th, 2006
Eight and a half hours and several missed messages later (From people who bug and bug and bug and bug)... and the result: 2040 new ranks today! ... However, given the large number of images that were uploaded, combined with a few errors from the .ftp program I was using, an image here and there may have not been added on. For forum regulars, if you find the evil "X of Doom", let me know so I can double-check the appropriate sections.

- DS9 Duty #1 got the final color added on: Tan.
- DS9 Duty #2 has been added to the site today, adding an alternate to the "streak" effect in style #1

And to quote the person who insisted I put this up, because he was the reason why over 2,000 images went on the site:

"Do not ever let request anything from you, for you'll end up doing thousands of images... so..."

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 7th, 2006
A messed day... Not only did I miss some stuff on the site, I even forgot to update the "Update" page... MY BAD! ... Please don't hurt me...

- Links page got cleaned up, removing as many bad links as I possibly could. In addition, a few new links have been added.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 5th, 2006
I can't think of a better quote than the one that is currently listed just below the semi-non-fancy rank bar, so I'll stick with what is there... Even though the quote is getting rather old...

There are a couple updates today, one relating to the forum and one relating to the website (And I imagine for Kuro-RPG regulars why you would be linked to the index page and not to the ranks page is so that you can help raise the counter located at the very bottom of this page, but also to view these wonderfully bad writeups the combined power of my blabber mouth and my non-nimble fingers loooove to create).

- Forums are now using a new rankset.
- A special "Guest" section has been added to the main Ranks page. In addition, Shawn Terry's "Black Ops." set is now included.

Posted by Kuro-chan - March 2nd, 2006
I was told I wrote all my pevious dates in 2006 as 2005. That has now been fixed. Thanks, Jane (As in former Kuro-RPG admin Jane).
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 20th, 2006
Despite continuous harassment from different people today (Yes, more than one person was involved), I managed to pull off one small update. Eventually I just had to shut off MSN for the day, because enough was enough.

- Bajoran ranks are now listed on the website. I figure they are going to get as much fixing as possible. If I try to fix the "white dot" problem anymore, it will end up not looking any different than a Major pip...

Posted by Kuro-chan - February 19th, 2006
Ah, the joys and pains of another update. I think this one is more solid than the last one, however, as there are some actual rank images going up, and yes... lo and behold, they are NEW ONES!!! RAARRR!!!

- Updates for TOS and TMP ranks. There are new sleeve designs. TMP Shoulder ranks will remain unchanged, as I am still fairly satisfied with those results.
- Bajoran ranksets have not seen much coverage on the forums yet, so I will wait a little longer before posting them online.

Posted by Kuro-chan - February 7th, 2006
I know it has been some time since the last time I was annoying on this page, but it is hard to say what kind of changes have happened at Kuro-RPG. Most of it feels the same, while at the same time most of it feels different somehow.

- DS9 Duty has been completely remade to cover a full range of ranks for 17 different department colors (Including updates in the Provisional Ranks section). I suggest you do not ask for any more department colors, since this project has come to the point where any kind of update is now long and tedious because of how much work has to go into every single section. The remaining ranksets have yet to be fully updated. Stay tuned for those changes.
- Bajoran ranksets are up on the forums for review before they become available on the website. There have already been some suggestions on how to improve on them, so I doubt the version on the forum is the final set.
- Following a strange idea, Kuro-RPG is the unexpected host in "Clone Army Kombat" where 32 of my avatars in different battle classes face off against each other. Forum members can vote on the winners.

Posted by Kuro-chan - December 16th, 2005
A critical update in the Information Page has been posted. This concerns artists who plan to use my ranksets as a referrence point for their own sets. I just spent today dealing with a very serious misunderstanding involving another rank maker, since he was using my sets as a base point and the end results made me suspect he was ripping them instead. In addition, if you plan to use them in such a way, please don't leave a post at the forum. Instead email my address

Thank you.

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