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Posted by Kuro-chan - December 16th, 2005
A critical update in the Information Page has been posted. This concerns artists who plan to use my ranksets as a referrence point for their own sets. I just spent today dealing with a very serious misunderstanding involving another rank maker, since he was using my sets as a base point and the end results made me suspect he was ripping them instead. In addition, if you plan to use them in such a way, please don't leave a post at the forum. Instead email my address

Thank you.

Posted by Kuro-chan - December 12th, 2005
Gah! Bad me! Bad me! I forgot to update the update page last night after updating more of the website.

- I found an old template that somehow got lost amongst the updates, the Line Template. That has been restored and re-posted on the site.
- Cream Rank Background added to the DS9 Duty Uniform, along with a complete rankset. Bravo Fleet was asking for that specific color.

Posted by Kuro-chan - December 10th, 2005
Whee! The evil week of depression is over for now, so I can get back to being the usual semi-happy kind of person I am. Since I was helping out a little at Enterprise:Flashed, I decided to use a different avatar in my box for a change.

- Alternate Style #2 is finally complete and available on this small and "Once in a while" maintained site. This template is a descendent of the custom template I created for Trek Fans United, so this is the "Authorized" version available for download. Meaning, if you are using the style not available from here, it means your version is a rip-off from TFU... I hope you are not using a TFU rip-off... I would be scared if I was, and I even made it!

With the new rankset on the site, that should definitely kick my rank count up to over 9,000 images. I am too scared to count them, however, so maybe when I get closer to 10,000... We'll see...

Thanks to Andrea Holmes for letting me whine and nag about the rankset while I pushed to try and get it done. Her patience is very useful!

Posted by Kuro-chan - December 4th, 2005
Overhaul again. I would note a spark of excitement in my voice, but my personal life has been subject to lots of bovine excrement lately. I'll sum up what has been done.

- Future Imperfect Rankset #2 is available on Kuro-RPG, but I did not make it. One of Kuro-RPG's elite members created the design while I provided asssistance. Nonetheless, the new design is up and running.
- Klingon Rankset is on the Ranks page now. A complete batch, which covers marines, naval officers, and enlisted personnel.
- Romulan Rankset has been revised and includes one extra rank, for those who need a little more flexibility with that system.
- The "Ranks" page has be re-developed and re-arranged so I can include any special information about specific rankset.

Everything is up now. I do not know when the next update will be, but there is always work to be done at Kuro-RPG. However, it is approaching bedtime for me, so off I go.

Posted by Kuro-chan - November 20th, 2005
8,506 ranks on my site... I have "ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE!!!" ... But on the plus side, as I was saying to dear friend of mine, if I was steady with someone, I would be lucky to have 1,000 done by now (Starting from when the website went online back in June). So, now members and guests of Kuro-RPG can enjoy the benefits of my misery, right? Heh.

- Future Imperfect Rankset is complete and posted on the rank page. I have not decided if I plan to expand on the existing 3 colors that have been posted. If I choose to, I will post an update.
- Earthforce Rankset is complete and posted on the rank page. I am not 100% happy with it, however, and there is a chance I may change at least on of the ranks down the road.

Posted by Kuro-chan - November 12th, 2005
Little things here and little things there, as we continue to see changes at the website.

- Information page has been updated to include new mods and minor changes in the "wording" of the page.
- A 1st-run B5 Earthforce template has been posted through the forums. I wm waiting on opinions before I post it on the site.

Posted by Kuro-chan - October 30th, 2005

To summarize what has happened, the forums are back up. In addition, the admin and moderators have already been selected and at this point, I have no plans to expand either group for some time.

Hopefully, we can pick up where we left off with the other forums and try to turn this into one of the better development forums in existence.

Thanks for your patience. Now, let's get posting!

Posted by Kuro-chan - October 24th, 2005
Time to put my creative writing skills to use.

As things stand with the website, we have no forum right now, as it was deleted sometime today. As much I may be the person to take credit for this, the removal of the forums had nothing to do with me. Unfortunately, this leaves a discussion gap we once had filled with plenty of members. Therefore, I may as well take advantage of this drastic loss and try to rebuild a new forum for Kuro-RPG under the domain (Instead of using a free account.) This could take a little while, however, so please try to be patient.

I can still take requests / questions / comments / etc. through my email account.

Sorry for the inconvenience, faithful members of Kuro-RPG. I hope to have the situation resolved as soon as possible. On a personal level, I am very upset with this very sudden loss and I want this tragedy corrected as soon as I can. Just to try and keep my spirits up, I have been eating far more chocolate than I should in an evening... Bad me...

Posted by Kuro-chan - October 9th, 2005
I normally do not post stuff which relates exclusively to the forums, but the RPG Simm based off the website has been changed. The forum tried to develop the U.S.S. Kuro into a practical simm, but it never took it. As of today, we have a new RPG Simm representing the site now. The U.S.S. Milinchi of Vengeance Fleet will now be our official Simm. Thanks to Solaris for his hard work and dedication for making this possible, along with our Forum staff.
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 8th, 2005
Eep... Not much to talk about since there have not been any real updated over the last while. Sorry to say. Maybe there will be updates later.
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