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Posted by Kuro-chan - August 13th, 2005
To start off, yes I know it has been a while since my last update, but between two rank projects (One I cannot post here yet), my real life job and other things, I have been tied-up and away from making little changes to the site, like I tend to do on a regular basis.

- Complete Romulan rank system has been attached to the side bar (Between the Line Template and Misc. sections, near the bottom of the list). This system includes 8 uniform styles seen through TNG/DS9/VOY and well as 2 uniform variants seen in "Nemesis". Thank you to Guyver3 for the suggestion.
- Andrea Holmes now has an email account with Kuro-RPG. If you need to contact her via email, she can be reached at The information page now contains her contact information as well.
- Jane Sanders took an leave of absence from Kuro-RPG forums, but now she has returned. Thanks to all who were concerned with what was going on.

One additional concern of mine. This is more of a nitpick than a serious problem, but for the people who keep telling me they are going to donate, please either do it or do not. Please stop leading me on. Thank you.

And to change the mood... Lookie! It's a pink NX-01.

Posted by Kuro-chan - August 7th, 2005
With the "Donations Wars" continuing on, Kuro-RPG (as in me) has focused on more rank-making. This time, the latest update is 29th-century ranks. I will admit, the image background was a trial for me to get right, but I was impressed enough with how it turned out. Most of the rank designs are non-canon (A lot of them are unusual guesses that I hope look alright.) Thanks to Brad once again for his valued assistance in making this work. He suggested the enlisted system that is in use, and has been looking forward to 29th century ranks on here for quite some time. (Although I never got the reason why).
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 6th, 2005
The "Donation Wars" are still continuing. New contestants are always welcome to join in and "Participate". Also, Jane Sanders of the Kuro-RPG forums has taken an extended leave of absence. I don't have the time to take care of the forum, unfortunately, so I have assigned Volak to Jane's duties for the time being. I know he, along with Andrea Holmes (Resident Signature Master) and Williams (Resident Sim CIC) will be able to keep the Kuro-RPG forums active.

- Enterprise ranks got a background facelift. All the rank backgrounds were updated and look considerably brighter than they did before.
- Dress1, Dress2 and Alternate Marine ranks have been updated finally. This also includes 2 extra available ranks in the Enlisted sections.

Posted by Kuro-chan - August 3rd, 2005
It's a donation war at my site, and everyone is invited to participate. I am saying that since I received donation #2 from the Kawaii Neko Fleet's own Changer of Ways. He is an admin and dedicated player, always a team member you can count on to help keep the story going. Many thanks, and may you continue to kick some serious butt on the site.

Not a whole lot else at the moment, aside from some updates to the Donation and Links pages. Those pages continue to grow larger as more people become involved with this project.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 28th, 2005
I have added a small (or large, depending on your interpretation) update. MACO ranks are now on the site, and ready for downloading. Thanks to Brad for his extra help in speeding up the design process. At the rate he's going, I'll have to give him a section of his own soon enough.
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 27th, 2005
Today has been a quiet update day, sorry to say. Just to clear up some confusion in yesterday's update, I mentioned the enlisted ranks had been updated in the DS9 collars. I meant to say the "Duty Uniform" collars were updated. The other three styles still need an update.

- Mirror Universe Template was updated. Replaced all the Enlisted ranks (E4-E9), plus added on a Fleet Admiral rank(O-11).
- Got my first donation finally. A big "Thank You" To Tim Brazeal for such a large and generous contribution.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 26th, 2005
Early days at work do have their advantages. It means I can get on here and do more work for the site. I managed to get a lot done and complete two large templates.

- All the Future Template pages are up and running.
- All the Dress2 Template pages are up and running.
- The DS9 Marine Enlisted Ranks have been updated, based on the Line Template prototype designs. (So to summarize, it got a facelift and two more ranks added on.)

- Kuro-chan

I have replaced the alternative style ranks with the future style ranks (2395+) on the entire Kuro-RPG forums. They are now considered the primary Kuro-RPG rank pips. Kuro-chan, you have outdone yourself once again!

- Jane

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 25th, 2005
I often wondered if I should write a blurb on how to be evil, but I think I'll pass on the idea this time. This was a long day at Kuro-RPG and in the end there have been a few administrative changes in our forums. Personally, I think things will work out for the best.

- Future Ranks have received a further update. All the ranks are on the site, but not all the pages are done yet. The Silver pips, Marine Officer and Marine Enlisted pages are up and running, however. I'll get the provisional pages done when I can.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 24th, 2005
I figure this will be a bit of a blurb as well as an update. I woke up this morning and immediately got started on making more ranks. I was given a request to work on a template for a Stargate Atlantis rpg forum (I think it's an RPG...), so I spent the better part of the morning working on that. After finishing the color departments and a basic run of the enlisted structure, I took a break from it and put my efforts back into the future ranks, at least until I heard something back from the people who wanted them. I had been working diligently on the future ranks (all 11 colors at once.) when I had the lucky privilege of chatting with our forum resident and Global Mod, Andrea Holmes. She's a fairly nice person and a bit of a kitty at times. (Which I can't complain about, since I tend to act in a similar way). She helped cheer me up a little, which is all good and helpful. Thanks, Andrea.

To summarize what was done to the site:

- Future ranks are here. The Officer and Enlisted pages are now up. The rest of rank images and pages still have to be made.
- Added a couple more links to the links page, including the beginning of a banner exchange program.
- Fixed a couple more small bugs on the site. It seems like every time I turn, there is another "tiny" problem with one of the pages.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 23rd, 2005
More fun awaits you in this land of ranks.

- Future Style Sample posted here
- Brad, the leader of the NX-03 Discovery RPG, found a bigtime error in my Enlisted pages under ENT, DS9, Dress Variant #1, and Line Template (and it feels like half a dozen others at times). Those have all been corrected now. Thank you.

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