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Kuro-chan [ Take a Wild Guess ] @ October 26th, 2012
Would make an interesting collaboration! :o You provide backgrounds and provide pips. :o
Someone [ Starbase Pacifica ] @ October 24th, 2012
Good to hear you're okay. I don't know if you're planning on making backgrounds for the early seasons of TNG but if you want you're welcome to use the backgrounds from my set.
Kuro-chan [ Take a Wild Guess ] @ October 21st, 2012
I am doing okay. Working on getting the Nova 3 stuff put up officially right now.
Someone [ Starbase Pacifica ] @ October 17th, 2012
Yeah, been working like a dog. Although from the sound of it you're working pretty hard too with that Nova 3 project. How are you doing these days?
Kuro-chan [ Take a Wild Guess ] @ October 14th, 2012
Long time, no see!! :o
Kuro-chan [ Take a Wild Guess ] @ January 15th, 2012
Well, someone needs to keep you busy, right? ;
Someone [ Starbase Pacifica ] @ January 10th, 2012
Awesome, forum bug coming via contact page! lol
Kuro-chan [ Take a Wild Guess ] @ January 6th, 2012
Okay, I took a look at it and found an issue when I redid the section to accommodate how my site handles script pages. There was a typo on the entry the contact page was looking for, so no matter what anyone would have typed it, the message would never have been sent. I fixed it, did a test run and got my test without incident, so it should be working fine now. Thanks, and credit goes on the site for catching it!
Someone [ Starbase Pacifica ] @ January 3rd, 2012
Hey Kuro, I tried to use the contact form but it says "Purple" is not the correct answer to the Anti-Spam question. Am I just missing something obvious?