General Notes / Frequently Asked Questions
This covers information related to General Information about the Kuro-RPG website. If any additional information should be included here, please use the contact page.

~ Kuro-chan

General Notes
As of January 30th, 2010, all emails can now be forwarded to Kuro-chan through the webpage itself. Please use the Contact Page to submit any inquiries.

Any and all emails could take time to get back to. Given Kuro-chan's current schedule, it is difficult to answer emails quickly.

As of October 17th, 2014, If you do not provide a return email address (Or it not possible to send a response with the address provided), Kuro will post the answer on the website, itself.
What is Kuro-RPG about
Kuro-RPG is an archive website containing a large assortment of Kuro-chan-made and guest-made ranksets, emblems, uniforms, graphic art, movies, games and music. The majority of available work is in a media known as ranksets.
... RANKSETS? What are those?!
A rankset refers to a series of images designed to denote a rank structure. While most ranksets are used in a hierarchy or military structure, there are other less formal circumstances, like a cat collar with a number of paws to denote who is the superior cat, for instance.

Currently, there are over 70,000 individual rank images available for download here. This media is often on information websites, forums, SIMMs wikis, etc.

To download a rankset, you will need to view the individual rankset page itself. There are two download buttons when you view a page, one near the top (smaller button) and one near the bottom (bigger button). Then it is a matter of clicking the button and saving the file.
How Did Kuro-RPG Start?
Originally the site was back in 2004 (Since was taken). It was used as a private graphic dumping ground for projects Kuro-chan had been working on, such as a few ranksets (See the Retro section for details). In early 2005, it was not possible to save due to the inability to communicate with the provider, so Kuro purchased and continued to use it as a dumping ground for images and ranks. The original inention was never to be an actual site for anything other than Kuro-chan's small collection of stuff.

However, Kuro-chan became involved with Trek United (Formerly Save Enteprise) because of heavily edited images created by Kuro-chan that were found on their forum. Those images were removed and replaced with a properly revised and updated set Kuro-chan created. Eventually, a custom rankset was made for them, which became the basis for many of the earlier sets made in 2005-2007. From there, Kuro-chan got in touch with forum member Eris at the time (Janet / Michelle / Etc.) and she pushed Kuro-RPG into becoming more than a "Dumping Ground" for art and other work.

Ultimately, Kuro-RPG was merely a fluke concept for a dumping ground which became the rankset project it is now.

This site was originally between 2005 and 2007, until an issue with the site's first provider (Lack of communication and refusal to release the domain) required a move to, the domain that is used to this day.
Profiles / Registration
No registration is required for browsing on Kuro-RPG. To become involved with the site, registration is required.
  • Complete the Registration Form with a valid user account name and email address.
  • An email will be sent to that address. Watch your junk folder, in case it ends up there.
  • Copy the three codes in the order presented on the validation page, when you attempt to sign in.
  • If you have any problems with completing the validation, you can contact Kuro-chan and request that your account be validated.
Registering on Kuro-RPG gives you access to:
  • Submitting your own work
  • Participating on the forums
  • Communicating with other members
  • Mini-games
  • And other stuff...
How do I donate to Kuro-RPG?
Before anyone asks, this is a legitimate question, as this site has been emailed this in the past.

Donation page can be found along the top menu bar. For a direct link, click Here. Paypal is currently accepted, though (to the best of Kuro-RPG's available knowledge) credit cards are also accepted. (If anyone has information to the contrary, an email would be appreciated).
Submitting Content to Kuro-RPG
Submission pages are found through the users' profile page. All sections (except medals and comics as of November 15th, 2011) can have content added to. Content can be updated and edited as needed.
Contribution Ranks
These ranks appears in the profile page and are related to the level of contribution the registered user has made to Kuro-RPG as a whole. Contributions have different values.
  • 1 pt.
    • Front Page Posts & Replies
    • Forum Posts
    • Profile Posts & Replies
    • Conversation Posts
  • 2 pts.
    • Rankset Button Submissions
  • 10 pts.
    • Graphics Submissions
  • 15 pts.
    • Music Submissions
  • 20 pts.
    • Rankset Submissions
    • Uniform Submissions
    • Emblem Submissions
  • 25 pts.
    • Flash Movie Submissions
  • 50 pts.
    • Game Submissions
Communication / Messages
Kuro-RPG uses a message system as a means of communicating between members. When members sign on, they will be notified along the top bar if they have any messages waiting for them.

As of Mid-2013, Kuro-RPG utilizes an IRC chatroom, courtesy of our provider.

As of Oct. 15th, 2014, Kuro-RPG utilizes a functional, built-in forum.
Does Kuro-chan Sim?
Kuro-chan is not directly involved in any actual sims or fleets, and would prefer to stay this way.