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Flash / Kuro-chan / Metroid Remix, Demo #1
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~ Kuro-chan

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General Audience
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13.5 MB
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Comments:Metroid Remix is an open-ended demo game with no actual 'end' to it. The purpose of this is to demo our engine and graphics, to show we have been working hard towards making a complete and full version of this game.

--- Controls ---
Arrow Keys: Movement
Shift: Aim diagonally
X Key: Fire weapon, toggle weapons in inventory screen
Z Key: Jump
S Key: Switch to Missiles
Space bar: Pause

--- Credits ---
Emperor: Game Programming
Electric Bob: Instruction Manual
Kuro-chan: Tile, Sprite, Font and Background Artist, Music, Game Concept
Lucifuga: A&B (Game) Tester
ShadowWarriorLuke: Concept Consultant and A&B (Game) Tester
Sylux125: A&B (Game) Tester

--- Notes ---
Before playing, make sure to extract the full contents of the zip to a folder. Otherwise, the game won't run. Unfortunately, this demo is not Mac compatible, however, Mac support is possible in the future.