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The following are the ranksets that Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG has made. The opinions and content expressed in the movies are not related to the founder or users of Kuro-RPG. All content is copyrighted by their respectful owners. The Artist assumes all risks associated with the content and messages used. The user assumes all risks with viewing the available material.

~ Kuro-chan

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  • This custom set made was made for Havenborn.
  • 144 x 40905515
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    9 - Black, Blue, Green, Red and YellowEnlisted, Line Officer, Flag Officer
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    Enlisted / NCO Ranks
    NCO Ranks
    Six Gold Chevrons
    Five Gold Chevrons
    Four Gold Chevrons
    Enlisted Ranks
    Three Gold Chevrons
    Two Gold Chevrons
    One Gold Chevron
    One Blank
    One Gold Eagle
    One Gold Oak Leaf
    Two Gold Bars
    One Gold Bar
    Flag Officers
    Five Gold Stars, circular pattern (similar to the US Five-Star General)
    Four Gold Stars
    Three Gold Stars
    Two Gold Stars
    One Gold Star

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