Terms and Conditions
This covers information related to the Terms and Conditions listed on the website. If any additional information should be included here, please use the contact page.

~ Kuro-chan

General Notes
Permission to obtain the ranks for website/personal use is not necessary (In other words, go ahead and download what you need). However, should you wish to use Kuro-RPG ranksets on a website (RPG, Information, Clan, SIMM, Fleet, etc.), please include a link (and/or) banner attached to your credits, main page or where the ranks are used exclusively. Sample text for link exchange information can be found further down the page.

Example reason: Should browsers or users come across your site, see the ranks and are interested in finding out where they come from, a link back to me makes things easy.
Sale of Kuro-RPG material
Since Kuro-RPG material deals mostly with content based off existing copyrighted and properly distributed material, Kuro-RPG images, textures, webpage source, all content may be not sold to any person/party under any circumstances. Commissions are to be handled as donations to the site only, thus I will not specify how much for any discussed work. If you paid for Kuro-RPG ranks through a third party, it is recommend you obtain a refund immediately. All ranks available on the website are offered freely.
Banner/Link Exchange
Please email Kuro-chan for requests/information.

Banners are under subject to casual "Checking" to make sure the links are still working. If they found to be inactive or the website is gone, the banner link is de-activated (not removed).
Hotlinking to my ranks is strictly prohibited. There are plenty of freeservers where you can host the rank images, plus I need my bandwidth for my regular traffic. In response to hotlinking issue with my ranksets some time ago, all sets are now in .zip files. .zip sets can be found in the rankset pages.
Referrencing Kuro-RPG Work
If you wish to use existing ranksets as a referrence point for your own designs, please contact Kuro-chan or the guest you are basing your work off of and inform the person before posting them online.
Please do not modify material from this site without written permission from the webmaster or support staff.

Unfortunately, most modifications tend to degrade the overall quality of the image (making them look "cut-and-pastey"). Kuro-chan works with specialized templates and layers that are reduced in size and are more effectively designed to create the final product.

Modifications to existing images can be requested through an email to Kuro-chan. If you are planning to modify guest work, please contact the guest artist in question.
Sample Text for Disclaimer
If you would care to add this reference in your disclaimer / site information page, it would be greatly appreciated.

The ranks used on the XXX pages were created by Kuro-chan of <a href="http://kuro-rpg.net" target="_blank"> Kuro-RPG Please do not modify the images in any way. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy, access the <a href="http://kuro-rpg.net" target="_blank"> Kuro-RPG Website.