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Posted by Kuro-chan - July 5th, 2005
... Before I scare everyone, why don't I mention what I have managed to do up today with the existing site.

- Updated the "Links" and "Information" pages, which included a warning for Firefox users. I still plan to create a non-frame version of the site so Firefox users won't run into that irritating white page with the fancy dancy Japanese characters throughout it.
- Added the "Donation" page so RPG'ers, forum admins, browsers and all-around nice people can help contribute to the work of keeping this site up and running. We're all nice people, right?

Something very interesting caught my attention today (And put a really big smile on my face). If you look here at the Trek United links page and scroll all the way to the bottom, you might notice we have a nice big banner in one of the most important Trek websites out there. Many thanks to Tim Brazeal for being the great guy he always has been.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 4th, 2005
A few minor updates here and there, but I managed to add the "Links" page to the site. Now I know I haven't linked everyone yet, so if your site is not listed there, please have some patience and we'll get you there as soon as I can.
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 3rd, 2005
Instead of working on a large round of rank pages this time around, I focused on more of the core page structure.
- Added page buttons on the top frame.
- Added an "Information" page which contains information on contacting the creation team, using the ranks on other sites and the infamous "Disclaimers" to ensure we don't end up on the downside of an ugly lawsuit.
- Added a "Banners" page that displays the Kuro-RPG banner in five different sizes. There is also information on it's size and it's address for hotlinking it to the site.
- Added another color to the Movie Era ranks: Violet.
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 2nd, 2005
2 big updates in a row. I am on a roll.

- Updated Silver Warrant, Gold and Silver Admiral Pips on the DS9 Duty uniforms.
- Added the entire list of "DS9 Duty Uniform" pages onto the rank sidebar.
- Added an "Archive" page on the top bar for old update information.

It does not look like I am going to be able to solve this problem I have with frames not loading properly. With assistance from other browser users, I have been able to determine that the frame errors appear to be exclusive to Firefox users only. Starting tomorrow, I will be working on a "Frame / No Frame" system so that accessing the pages will be easy enough to do. I am unsure how long this process will require, but I'll use the same rank tables for both the framed and non-framed pages.

Posted by Kuro-chan - July 1st, 2005
Today has been one major updating day, and I managed to cover quite a good amount of ground.

- Updated Silver Warrant, Gold and Silver Admiral Pips on the Alternate Style uniforms.
- Added the entire list of "Alternate Style" pages onto the rank sidebar. All the pages containing Alternate Style ranks can be be accessed on the left side.
- Created a few "Moderator/Administrator" pips for the Kuro-RPG forums. The forum can be accessed here

In addition to all the recent fun, I have been in contact with my domain support. It's possible that the issue with frames not working on my actual domain could be finished up soon. If that happens, I will reload the entire site back to

Posted by Kuro-chan - June 30th, 2005
I managed to include the "Motion Picture" ranks, including around 8 additional non-canon designs, spanning 6 different departments and 5 different uniform colors.

Updated the "Major" "Lt. Colonel" and "Colonel" pips in the Line Template. Eventually, this update will cover the duty uniforms, 2 dress variants, and alternate style uniforms.

Posted by Kuro-chan - June 29th, 2005
Okay. I have tried to establish "Misc." and "Line Template" sections. The Misc. section covers templates that only need a single page. The Line Template is established as a neutral style for ranks at forums, manifests, etc.
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 28th, 2005
I temporarily uploaded my viewing pages to a Geocities freesite to see if they work. (And you bet, they do work.) I was freaked out for a while since they would work on my computer, but as soon as uploaded them, they would crashy-ash on me. Ill have to talk to my .ftp domain support about this one. I have been chatting with other forum members, and they are as surprised about this issue as I am. This is downright weird.

Attached the Movie Era links to the Rank Sidebar.

Posted by Kuro-chan - June 27th, 2005
I feel brave today. I am going to try and do frames "once again" to see if they will actually work.

Fixed TNG/Admiral a-a1-right.png and TNG/Admiral-Silver a-a2.png files.

Fixed Dress Variant #2 enlisted ranks. All of them had an alignment problem, but has now been corrected.

Posted by Kuro-chan - June 23rd, 2005
Eeek! I am sorry to say this site is currently "Still" under construction. I am still a ways from an "official" opening here, thus I need some more time to get all the other pages organized, sorted out, setup and such. Heck, there isn't even a banner for the site yet! Just bear with me, have patience and we''''ll get this show on the road soon enough. Thus I need some more time to get all the other pages organized, sorted out, setup and such. Heck, there isn't even a banner for the site yet! Just bear with me, have patience and we'll get this show on the road soon enough.

To top things off, I will link you to the two pages of importance so you can at least what is going on.

The Official Rank Page (so far)
The page which still links to a large number of the templates available here.
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