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Flash / Emperor / Metroid Defense, Final Version
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~ Kuro-chan

Website: Metroid Remix
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General Audience
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7.9 MB
Downloaded 12 times
Comments:Metroid Defense is a metroid themed 'Maul' Tower Defense Game. Like other tower defense games, the player builds towers to fight off hordes of enemies, but unlike most, the path is not defined - the player makes their own maze out of the towers. Featuring five main tower types and a variety of defensive structures, Metroid Defense has 20 waves in the demo version with 9 separate enemies from the metroid series appearing.

The game's graphics, among other things, were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG, and the project was a collaborative effort..



Main Action: Left Click
Cancel Build Order: Right Click
Pause: Spacebar
Multi-Build: Control+Left click

For other controls, please view the ingame help from the title menu. Non-offensive structures are located in the 'defensive' tab.

Make sure to extract all files to a folder before running the game!